Discarded treasures

Surreal soft sculptures

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 My work is almost always three-dimensional.  I use recycled and unconventional non precious (to others) materials with traditional textile techniques. 


I experiment with materials and techniques and need to create texture, letting let the materials guide my work through an almost hypnotic state. 


This allows me the freedom to produce challenging but sculptural pieces.



I have tinkered with 'found objects', twisting every day object into submission for as long as I remember, building magical worlds and machines.

I learnt to knit and crochet at a young age in Lyon, France, where I grew up, and have never stopped since.  My mum taught but I can't remember learning (she does!  With great pleasure of course!).

Lyon is a city of fantastic and magical textile history.  I only recently found out that my great-grandparents had been weavers so there must be something in the blood.  This is where Jacquard was from, his loom being the precursor to our computers (maybe another reason why I ended up working in IT?).  I also have Corsican and Catalan origins and now live in Scotland.


I started teaching crafts with the Adult Education Programme run by the City of Edinburgh Council over10 years ago.  I have since also set up my own studio.  I run workshops and classes, as well as give private tuition.



I am always working on multiple projects, big and small and take inspiration from my environment.  I often work on recurring themes of identity, origin and memory, be it people's or the land's.

I work in collaboration with a group of artists called transFORM.  We have exhibited in Edinburgh, West Kilbride, Aberdeen, Glenrothes, Lochgelly and the Meffan Gallery in Forfar..

We are working on our next exhibition which I will advertise once dates have been confirmed with the venue.


I am also a member of Frayed Edges, a group of (mostly) textile artists.  We exhibit on themes chosen democratically every couple of years.  Our latest exhibition was at the newly opened Lindores Abbey Distillery in Newburgh.

We have also started on our next theme and looking for venues.


In parallel to my art work I am working on one off jewellery pieces as well as occasional throws, wearables and unusual handbags.